Codename Lone Wolf

Codename Lone Wolf

Codename Lone Wolf is the latest in the sniper genre with several unique features that you won’t find in other games. After 6 months in development, Codename Lone Wolf brings you high quality custom drawn graphics with over 6,000 frames of animation made specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Each of the 27 missions is unique and modeled after real world locations.

27 Unique Missions
3 Distinct Mission Types – SWAT, Marines, Assassin
Varied Mission Objectives – Hostage Situation, Counter Sniper, Sniper Fire Support, Advanced Reconnaissance, VIP Protection, Assassination, and more.
Over 4,000 frames of animation.
Multiple levels of zoom with NO delay and in many cases, no image degradation.
Accelerometer controlled aiming.
Missions take you to locations around the world from Colombia to Afghanistan to streets of Sao Paulo to Hong Kong and many more.
Your accuracy is reported in detail: head, body, arm, and gun shots. Yes, you can shoot the gun out of the hands of some targets.
No artificial “scope shake”. Accuracy depends solely on your ability to your hold your hands still.
Auto-save. If you are interrupted, simply launch the game at a later time and press CONTINUE and you will start where you left off.
Touch Controls added!
Scoreloop – Worldwide online leaderboard.

Codename Lone Wolf Screenshots

Codename Lone Wolf

Do you have the patience, accuracy, and the ice-cold killer’s instinct for the job?



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